Equpping The Military With Biotech Tools

Originally written for Zansors

High tech and the military go hand-in-hand. The Armed Forces are often the first adopters of new technologies to give them an edge in training, combat and recovery. Many of these same technologies are later adopted by the general public, unbeknownst to most consumers. For example, a huge touchstone in creating the modern internet came from the US Defense Department’s DARPA. Adding to the list of competitive advancements, Zansors is developing small but mighty wearable sensors that provide soldiers with immediate situational bioanalytics.

Wearable sensors are a crucial step forward in supporting the health of our troops. Nicole Stout, VP of Medical Affairs at Zansors, elaborates on the potential applications of Zansors technology in this video:

Soliders routinely traverse dangerous areas and grapple with extreme weather conditions. Zansors technology will assist in making sure that every soldier is able to perform his or her best, as comfortably and safely as possible.

Zansors is committed to creating digital solutions for hitherto unmet needs. By thinking outside the box, Zansors continues to innovate real, powerful solutions for the US military mission. The ripple effects are changing the way we approach soldier care, and are empowering the Armed Forces with the personal health analytics that they, more than anyone, require.