Tetiana K Photoshoot

True story: when I was 15, working at a donut shop in my hometown, a lady came up to me on my dinner break and asked if I had five dollars. I said no. Then she asked if I had a package of cigarettes. Again, no. So she sighed, "Fine, I'll do it anyways." I didn't know what she was talking about.

She pulled up across from me at my little two-seater table and took out a pack of tarot cards. Then she proceeded to do a full reading for me, giving me clues into my personality and what my future might hold. I didn't quite believe her at the time; I had some fairly naive ideas of what my future would bring, the unintentional hubris of youth tilting me in the direction of optimism.

This tarot lady clearly saw photography in my future. I brushed it off; I had no interest in professional photography, and didn't see myself as much of a visual artist. But only a few short years later, I found myself involved in the fashion scene of Toronto, learning a great deal about photography, pushing the boundaries of the medium, capturing provocative images and networking with some amazing creative talents. The oracle was right.

I can clearly remember that random evening, in a Country Style Donuts in a small town strip mall, suspending my disbelief for this lightning-in-a-bottle-moment. Sometimes people cross your path in life to give you a message, right when you need it.

These days I mainly take photos in a marketing capacity to produce social media content, sales demo videos, to record speeches or seminars, or as a favour to friends. In this case, one of my best friends Tetiana K routinely books photoshoots to capture her new collections. She shoots the catalog pictures while I work with the models to grab some more casual, editorial images. Here are some samples...

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